Discover the Chiapas Arrowhead Vine, a tropical marvel with arrowhead-shaped leaves that shine with an iridescent glow. Perfect for enhancing any space with its deep green allure.

Thrive in bright, indirect light while steering clear of the harsh sun. Embrace its love for humidity with misting or a humidifier to hit the sweet spot of 50-60% humidity.

Ideal Growing Conditions Unveiled

Strike the perfect balance with watering—wait for the top inch of soil to dry out. Opt for well-draining soil to ward off root rot, ensuring lush growth without the fuss.

Watering Wisdom

Watch it climb up to six feet with proper care, pruning as needed to maintain its beauty. Repotting every few years rejuvenates its vigor, keeping your vine vibrant.

Growth and Grooming Tips

Embrace the ease of caring for Syngonium Chiapense with these tips. From its low light tolerance to its straightforward soil preferences, it’s a joy to grow and behold.

Simple Care, Stunning Results