Meet the Giant-Leaf Arrowhead Vine, a Central and South American native with lush, arrowhead-shaped leaves. Perfect for indoor or outdoor gardens, it's a low-maintenance gem.

Whether you aim for vertical elegance or cascading beauty, this vine adapts, growing up to six feet tall. Its aerial roots cling to moss poles, walls, or trellises, offering diverse styling options.

Versatile Growth Patterns

Ideal for beginners, it thrives on neglect. Prefers bright indirect light but forgives occasional lapses in watering. Bonus: it purifies air, making your space healthier and more vibrant.

Effortless Care, Stunning Impact

Expand your collection or share with friends by propagating this vine. Its robust nature ensures success, making it a rewarding project for any plant enthusiast.

Propagation Made Easy

With its grand foliage and air-cleaning abilities, the Giant-Leaf Arrowhead Vine is more than just a plant. It's a statement piece that enhances well-being, inviting nature's tranquility into your home.

A Statement of Natural Beauty