Discover the enchanting Syngonium Maria Allusion, with its vibrant green arrow-shaped leaves. A breath of fresh air for your home, this plant purifies your space while bringing a touch of the tropics indoors.

Thrives in the spotlight of bright, indirect sunlight and adores warm embraces with temperatures between 60-80°F. Perfect for cozy indoor corners that need a splash of green.

Light & Temperature Love

Keep its soil moist but not soggy. This beauty enjoys a drink when the top inch of soil dries out. Remember, it's all about balance to keep those leaves lush and happy.

Watering Wisdom

With its ability to climb and sprawl, the Maria Allusion adds vertical charm or cascading elegance to your living space. Support its adventurous vines for a stunning green display.

Climbing & Styling

Low maintenance yet visually striking, this Arrowhead Vine is a dream for budding gardeners. Regular pruning keeps it compact; occasional misting keeps it thriving.

Easy Care, Big Impact