Meet the Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia, a stunning plant with silvery-green, variegated leaves that resemble a winter wonderland. Perfect for adding elegance to any space.

Thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Keep it near east or west-facing windows to maintain its vibrant foliage without the risk of sunburn.

Light Up Its Life

Maintain moist soil without waterlogging. Let the top inch dry out before a thorough soak. Remember, consistency is key for a happy Dieffenbachia.

Watering Done Right

Fuel its growth with monthly fertilization during the growing season. A balanced, water-soluble mix will keep the leaves lush and vibrant.

Nutrient Boost

Every 2-3 years, give it a new home slightly larger than the last. Ensure good drainage to avoid root rot and promote healthy growth.

Perfect Potting