Marvel at the Velvet Plant's unique furry leaves in emerald and purple. Ideal as a centerpiece, it grows up to 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Learn how to provide the perfect light for vibrant leaf colors. Ensure bright light with protection from harsh afternoon sun.

Ideal Lighting for Lush Growth

Understand the art of watering for a lush, healthy Velvet Plant. Keep soil evenly moist and adapt watering in cooler months.

Essential Watering Tips

Discover how to fertilize your Velvet Plant for vibrant growth. Use a balanced, diluted liquid fertilizer for nourishment.

Fertilizing for Optimal Health

Get insights on the best soil mix and pot selection for your Velvet Plant. Explore easy propagation methods and general care tips for a thriving plant.

Potting, Propagation, and Care