Philodendrons may drip water due to guttation, caused by overwatering or high humidity. This unexpected phenomenon puzzles even seasoned plant lovers, sparking curiosity about its origins.

Contrary to belief, leaky pots rarely cause water drips. The true villain is often root rot, stemming from excessive moisture in the soil, leading to plant distress.

Common Misconceptions

Root rot, a result of overwatering or inadequate drainage, threatens philodendrons by hindering root function. This leads to waterlogged roots and eventual plant decay.

Unveiling the Culprit: Root Rot

To avoid water dripping, ensure proper watering and drainage. Overwatering invites root rot, while good drainage practices keep your philodendron healthy and thriving.

Prevention and Care

For affected plants, cease watering and repot with fresh, well-draining soil. Early detection and correct care can save your philodendron, encouraging recovery and growth.

Revival Tactics