Yucca plants, with their striking, spiky leaves and trunk-like structure, are a unique addition to any space. They come in various species, each boasting distinct features that enhance their appeal.

Yuccas thrive in bright, indirect light indoors and love full sun outdoors. Despite their adaptability to different light conditions, it's crucial to balance exposure to prevent leaf damage.

Light Requirements & Adaptability

Native to dry regions, yuccas require minimal watering. Let the soil dry out between waterings, and adjust frequency with the seasons to avoid overwatering and root rot.

Watering Guidelines for Yucca Plants

Fertilize yuccas sparingly during the growing season with succulent-specific fertilizers. Well-draining soil and pots with drainage holes are key to their health and vitality.

Fertilizing & Potting Yucca Plants

Propagate with air root or stem cuttings for new growth. Control pests like spider mites with water sprays or horticultural soap.

Propagation & Pest Control