Meet the Chameleon ZZ Plant, a variegated cultivar of the classic ZZ Plant, known for its striking color transition from vibrant green to pale yellow. This low-maintenance beauty thrives in medium to bright indirect light, making it a perfect addition to brighten up your indoor space.

For optimal health and color vibrancy, place your Chameleon ZZ Plant in well-draining soil and water it moderately once the top inch of soil dries out. Keep it cozy in temperatures between 65°F and 75°F to enjoy its radiant leaves year-round.

Ideal Conditions for Growth

Expand your collection through stem cuttings or division, but remember, this stunning plant is not pet-friendly. Keep it out of reach from your furry friends to ensure their safety and the plant's uninterrupted growth.

Propagation and Pet Safety

Ensure your Chameleon ZZ Plant gets its light fix through a nearby window for that medium to bright indirect sunshine. Water wisely—let the soil dry out partially between waterings to strike the perfect moisture balance and prevent root rot.

Lighting and Watering Tips

While the Chameleon ZZ Plant may not be ideal for pet owners, fear not! Options like Boston Ferns, Spider Plants, and Areca Palms offer a safe and stylish alternative to greenify your home.

Pet-Friendly Alternatives