Introducing the Dark Zamicro ZZ Plant: a compact beauty with lush, glossy leaves perfect for any space. Thrives in bright, indirect light and requires minimal care.

Explore the Dark Zamicro ZZ Plant varieties: 'Raven' with deep purple leaves, 'Variegated' for a splash of cream, 'Zamicro' for compact spaces, and 'Zenzi' for curly foliage charm.

Varieties to Adore

Water sparingly, let soil dry between waterings. Indirect sunlight keeps it thriving. Occasional fertilization during growth seasons promotes lush, vibrant leaves.

Care Essentials

Expand your collection with simple propagation techniques. Choose between division or stem cuttings to grow new Dark Zamicro ZZ Plants effortlessly.

Propagation Made Easy

Keep an eye out for pests and adjust care for yellowing leaves or brown tips. With proper care, your Dark Zamicro ZZ can remain a stunning part of your indoor garden.

Overcoming Common Challenges