A Boho Style Bedroom With Gold Accents Looks Amazing – Here Are 25 Examples

Have you ever walked into a room that feels like a warm embrace? That’s the magic of a Boho style bedroom, especially when touched with the subtle shimmer of gold accents. If you’re like me, craving a cozy yet chic sanctuary, you’re in the right place. These 25 stunning examples will not only spark your creativity but also guide you through transforming your own bedroom into a gorgeous retreat. So, grab a cup of your favorite tea, and let’s dive into a world of textured throws, soft lighting, and golden hues that promise to uplift your spirits and your space!

Gold Accent Rugs

Boho bedroom with gold accent rugs and cozy textures

Introduce gold accent rugs to add warmth and texture underfoot. They work well with layered textures and ambient lighting, creating a cozy and inviting space. Casual seating like a floor cushion can complete the look.

Gold Canopy Bed Frames

Boho bedroom with a gold canopy bed frame and fairy lights

A gold canopy bed frame wrapped in sheer drapery and fairy lights creates a magical sleeping area. It’s both romantic and cozy, making it a dreamy focal point of any boho bedroom.

Gold Threaded Throw Pillows

Boho bedroom with gold threaded throw pillows and harmonious decor

Gold threaded throw pillows add a subtle sparkle to your boho bedroom. Pair them with a woven wall hanging and earth tones for a harmonious look. A bedside lantern can add to the ambiance with soft lighting.

Gold Hanging Planters

Boho bedroom with gold hanging planters and wooden furniture

Incorporate gold hanging planters for a fresh and lively look in your boho bedroom. They work well with macrame hangers and complement wooden furniture. This blend of nature and luxury is effortlessly chic.

Gold Accent Nightstands

Boho bedroom with gold accent nightstands and ambient lighting

A nightstand with gold accents can add a functional yet stylish touch to your bedroom. Look for one with unique textures or patterns to keep the boho vibe. Pair it with soft, ambient lighting to enhance the gold tones at night.

Geometric Gold Wall Art

Boho bedroom with geometric gold wall art and textured accents

Geometric gold wall art is a bold choice that pays off by injecting modern flair into your boho bedroom. Complement it with earthy tones and plenty of textures like throw pillows and rugs for a cohesive look.

Sunburst Gold Mirrors

Boho bedroom with a sunburst gold mirror and vibrant decor

Sunburst gold mirrors are not just mirrors; they’re statement pieces. Pairing one with white walls and vibrant plants gives your bedroom a lively and open feel. They reflect light beautifully, making your space feel bigger.

Gold-Dipped Bed Frames

Boho bedroom with a gold-dipped bed frame and eclectic decor

A gold-dipped bed frame is the centerpiece of any boho bedroom, offering a unique twist on traditional decor. Layer your bedding and add eclectic wall art to complete the look. This bold choice makes your sleeping space truly one-of-a-kind.

Gold-Lined Lampshades

Boho bedroom with gold-lined lampshades and cozy ambiance

Gold-lined lampshades create a warm, inviting glow in any boho bedroom. They’re perfect for setting a relaxed ambiance. Pair with a simple wooden side table and a cozy throw for the ultimate comfort.

Gold Accent Shelving

Boho bedroom with gold accent shelving and decorative display

Gold accent shelving offers both storage and style. Fill shelves with decorative items and hanging plants for a lively display. It’s a practical way to add a luxurious touch without overwhelming the space.

Gold and Navy Contrast

Boho bedroom with gold and navy contrast and elegant decor

The contrast of gold and navy brings a sophisticated edge to your boho bedroom. Geometric patterns and modern lighting can enhance this elegant duo. It’s a chic way to introduce color while keeping the room grounded.

Gold Foil Wallpaper

Boho bedroom with gold foil wallpaper and luxurious accents

Gold foil wallpaper brings an instant touch of glamour to your boho bedroom. It pairs beautifully with a plush velvet headboard and ornate mirrors for a luxe feel. This is a bold choice that definitely pays off.

Gold-Edged Mirrors

Boho bedroom with a gold-edged mirror and cozy decor

Adding a gold-edged mirror to your boho bedroom not only brings in light but adds a touch of elegance. It’s an easy piece to find and instantly elevates the room’s aesthetic. Place it opposite a window for the best effect.

Vintage Gold Glam

Boho bedroom with antique gold bed frame and vintage accents.

Bring some vintage glam to your boho bedroom with an antique gold bed frame and velvet throw pillows. Layer vintage rugs for added texture and soft, diffused lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Boho Gold and White Elegance

Elegant boho bedroom with gold wall sconces and white fur rug.

Achieve an elegant look with gold wall sconces and a white fur rug. Keep the rest of the decor minimalist with soft lighting to enhance the serene and luxurious atmosphere. Ideal for creating a peaceful, chic sleeping area.

Luxurious Gold and Black

Luxury boho bedroom with gold trim and black velvet bedding.

For a touch of luxury, pair a gold trim headboard with black velvet bedding. This combination delivers a striking contrast and a sophisticated feel. Add elegant, simple decor items to keep the focus on the luxurious elements.

Moroccan Inspired Gold Touches

Moroccan-inspired boho bedroom with gold lanterns and purple accents.

Create a Moroccan-inspired oasis with gold lanterns and purple accents. Use ornate pillows and carved wooden details to enhance the exotic feel. This setup is ideal for anyone looking to add a touch of international flair to their bedroom.

Soft Gold and Pastels

Soft boho bedroom with gold accents and pastel tones.

Embrace softness with pastel bedding and light wood furniture, accented with subtle gold touches. This look provides a gentle, airy feel, ideal for a calming bedroom environment. Use soft, flowing curtains and plush cushions for added comfort.

Rustic Gold Charm

Rustic boho bedroom with gold metal bed frame and burlap drapes.

Combine rustic charm and boho chic with a gold metal bed frame, burlap drapes, and exposed wooden beams. Opt for bedding in soft earth tones to complement the natural textures. This bedroom is perfect for those who love a more grounded, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Gold and Green Botanicals

Boho bedroom with gold plant stands and green botanical prints.

Blend gold accents with the freshness of green bedding and botanical prints. Gold plant stands can be used to display a collection of indoor plants, enhancing the natural boho vibe. This style is perfect for plant lovers looking to integrate greenery seamlessly.

Artistic Flair Gold Accents

Artistic boho bedroom with gold accents and colorful bedding.

In this boho bedroom, gold leaf wall art becomes the focal point, complemented by colorful bedding and eclectic furniture. Add several house plants for a touch of nature. It’s an artistic retreat that speaks to your creative side.

Gold Boho Chic

Chic boho bedroom with gold mirrors and eclectic decor.

This chic boho bedroom features gold mirrors and patterned throws, creating a vibrant and eclectic decor. It’s perfect for those who want to infuse their bedroom with personality and warmth. Add a few quirky ornaments to personalize the space further.

Gold Frame Minimalism

Minimalist boho bedroom with gold-framed mirror and white bedding.

Emphasize minimalism in your boho bedroom with a large gold-framed mirror. The mirror not only adds a touch of luxury but also makes the room appear larger. Stick with white bedding and simple wooden furnishings for a clean look.

Urban Gold Loft

Urban boho bedroom with gold geometric decor and exposed brick.

Create an urban oasis with gold geometric decor pieces and exposed brick walls. Combine industrial lighting with modern touches to keep the space feeling current yet cozy. This bedroom style is great for those living in a loft or urban environment.

Coastal Boho with Gold

Coastal boho bedroom with gold chandelier and sea green walls.

This coastal boho bedroom pairs sea green walls with a striking gold chandelier to capture the essence of the beach. Use white linens and ocean-themed artwork to enhance the airy, tranquil vibe. Perfect for anyone looking to bring a little ocean calm into their home.

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