25 Boho Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Oh, how I love the transformative power of wallpaper! If you’re looking to infuse some bohemian charm into your bedroom, then you’ve landed in just the right spot. Each of these 25 Boho Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas offers a unique blend of color, pattern, and whimsy to turn your sleeping space into a delightful retreat. From subtle pastels to vibrant patterns, there’s a style to ignite inspiration and make your bedroom feel like a cozy, personalized haven. Let’s dive into these designs that are sure to add both comfort and character to your home.

Hippy 70s Floral

70s floral wallpaper in a vibrant boho bedroom

Channel the spirited 70s with vibrant floral wallpapers. Pair with retro furniture and bold colors to complete the nostalgic look.

Rustic Woodland Prints

Woodland print wallpaper in a rustic boho bedroom

Woodland prints offer a rustic yet whimsical touch to a boho bedroom, perfectly paired with rustic furniture and earthy tones to ground the space.

Monochrome Mandala

Monochrome mandala wallpaper in a boho bedroom

Embrace the spiritual essence of a boho style with monochrome mandala wallpaper. Keep the rest of the decor minimalist to let the intricate designs stand out.

Watercolor Wash

Watercolor wash wallpaper in a tranquil boho bedroom

Soft pastel watercolor washes on your bedroom walls create a tranquil atmosphere. Pair with light, airy curtains to enhance the gentle aesthetic.

Whimsical Fairy Tale

Fairy tale wallpaper in a dreamy boho bedroom

Create a fairy tale escape in your bedroom with whimsical wallpaper. Soft pastels and dreamy lighting make for a magical, serene setting.

Retro Geometrics

Retro geometric wallpaper in a funky boho bedroom

Retro geometric patterns are back in style, adding a fun and funky element to the boho bedroom. Pair with mid-century modern decor for a stylish throwback.

Art Nouveau Elegance

Art Nouveau wallpaper in an elegant boho bedroom

Art Nouveau wallpaper with its elegant, flowing patterns adds a sophisticated touch to the boho bedroom, perfect when paired with soft, muted colors.

Art Deco Revival

Art Deco wallpaper in an elegant boho bedroom

Blend boho comfort with Art Deco elegance by choosing wallpaper with bold, symmetrical patterns and pairing it with brass fixtures and elegant drapery.

Vintage Floral Accents

Boho bedroom with vintage floral wallpaper

Vintage floral wallpaper adds a romantic, old-world charm to any boho bedroom. Accentuate with antique mirrors and delicate lace curtains for a soft, dreamy atmosphere.

Minimalist Botanical

Minimalist botanical wallpaper in a soothing boho bedroom

Opt for minimalist botanical wallpaper for a clean, natural look. Subtle green hues and simple decor maintain a calm, soothing bedroom environment.

Bold and Bright Paisley

Bright paisley wallpaper in a boho bedroom

Make a statement with bold, paisley wallpaper in vibrant colors. Mix in eclectic decor like colorful throw pillows and unique art pieces to reflect your personality.

Baroque Opulence

Baroque wallpaper in an opulent boho bedroom

For a touch of drama, choose Baroque wallpaper with intricate patterns and gold trimmings. Pair with luxurious textures to heighten the opulent vibe.

Gypsy-inspired Flourishes

Gypsy-inspired wallpaper in a colorful boho bedroom

Gypsy-inspired wallpapers filled with colorful flourishes set a lively tone. Mix in eclectic ornaments and vibrant fabrics for a fun, personalized space.

Pop Art Punch

Pop art wallpaper in a playful boho bedroom

Add a punch of fun with pop art wallpaper. Bright colors and bold comic motifs make for a lively and playful boho bedroom.

Coastal Boho Breeze

Coastal wallpaper in a serene boho bedroom

Bring the beach indoors with coastal-themed wallpaper. Light blues and sandy tones evoke a relaxed, beachy feel that’s perfect for a serene boho space.

Geometric Boho Chic

Geometric wallpaper in a modern boho bedroom

Geometric patterns bring a modern twist to the boho style. Opt for soft, muted colors to keep the room feeling light and airy, complemented by simple wooden furniture and crisp white linens.

Oriental Tapestry

Oriental tapestry wallpaper in a sophisticated boho bedroom

Oriental tapestry patterns on your bedroom walls add a rich, luxurious layer. Pair with silk pillows and ornate rugs for a sophisticated boho look.

Abstract Art Influence

Boho bedroom with abstract art wallpaper

Incorporate an abstract art wallpaper to create a focal point in your boho bedroom. Complement with mid-century modern furniture and bold art prints for a contemporary edge.

Indie Folk Patterns

Indie folk pattern wallpaper in an earthy boho bedroom

Choose indie folk patterns for a grounded, earthy feel in your bedroom. Complement with handcrafted decor and natural fibers to enhance the artisanal vibe.

Scandinavian Minimalism

Scandinavian minimalist wallpaper in a modern boho bedroom

Scandinavian minimalist wallpaper in neutral tones complements a boho vibe with its emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. Add texture with woven accessories.

Avant-Garde Splashes

Avant-garde splash wallpaper in a bold boho bedroom

Go bold with avant-garde splash wallpaper, perfect for a boho bedroom that makes a statement with modern art influences and vibrant colors.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Japanese cherry blossom wallpaper in a tranquil boho bedroom

Embrace tranquility with Japanese cherry blossom wallpaper. Incorporate Zen elements and keep decor minimalist for a calming, focused atmosphere.

Enchanted Forest Theme

Enchanted forest wallpaper in a mystical boho bedroom

Transform your bedroom into an enchanted forest with wallpaper that features lush greens and natural elements. It’s a mystical retreat right at home.

Moroccan Style Patterns

Moroccan pattern wallpaper in a luxurious boho bedroom

Inject a touch of Moroccan luxury with wallpaper featuring intricate patterns and gold accents. Use luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet for an opulent feel.

Tropical Leaf Patterns

Tropical leaf pattern wallpaper in a boho bedroom

Bring a touch of the tropics into your bedroom with lush leaf-patterned wallpaper. Pair it with a rattan headboard and warm ambient lighting to enhance the boho vibe. Perfect for those who love a bit of nature inside.

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