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25 Boho Themed Bedroom Art Work Ideas

Picture this: You’re scrolling through pages and pages of decor ideas, trying to find that perfect touch that’ll transform your bedroom into a cozy bohemian retreat. It feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, doesn’t it? Well, fret no more! I’ve been right where you are, and after much experimenting and more than a few missteps, I’ve curated a list of 25 boho-themed bedroom artwork ideas that are just bursting with personality and charm. Whether you’re looking to inject a little color, add a touch of whimsy, or create a haven of relaxation, these ideas will inspire you to make your space uniquely yours. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee and join me as we explore ways to bring your dream bedroom to life.

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames

Reclaimed wood picture frames in a boho bedroom

Add rustic charm and an eco-friendly touch with reclaimed wood picture frames. They’re perfect for framing your favorite artworks or photos, adding a natural and warm element to your boho bedroom.

Oversized Abstract Murals

Reclaimed wood picture frames in a boho bedroom

Make a bold statement with an oversized abstract mural in your boho bedroom. Vibrant colors and fluid designs transform the room into a dynamic and inspiring space. It’s an art piece that truly reflects your personal style.

Ink Wash Paintings

Ink wash paintings in a boho bedroom

Ink wash paintings bring a minimalist yet deeply serene atmosphere to your boho bedroom. They blend traditional artistry with modern aesthetics, perfect for creating a calm, contemplative space.

Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns in a boho bedroom

Moroccan lanterns offer ambient lighting and intricate designs, perfect for adding a cozy and exotic touch to your boho bedroom. The patterns cast beautiful shadows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Rustic Metal Wall Art

Rustic metal wall art in a boho bedroom

Introduce an industrial yet warm touch to your boho bedroom with rustic metal wall art. The warm colors and textures add depth and interest, blending seamlessly with boho and rustic decor alike.

Beaded Curtain Doorway

Rustic metal wall art in a boho bedroom

Add a playful and colorful touch to your boho bedroom with a beaded curtain in the doorway. It’s not only a fun decor piece but also adds a bit of privacy while letting light filter through. Choose colorful beads for extra vibrancy.

Peacock Chair Corner

Peacock chair reading nook in a boho bedroom

Turn a corner of your boho bedroom into a cozy reading nook with a vintage peacock chair. Accent it with vibrant pillows and soft throws for a comfortable and stylish spot to relax. It adds a unique vintage touch to the room.

Succulent Wall Art

Peacock chair reading nook in a boho bedroom

Bring life to your walls with DIY succulent wall art. This green wall concept is perfect for boho bedrooms, adding both artistry and a touch of nature. It’s a creative and refreshing way to incorporate plants into your decor.

Global Textiles Bedspread

Global textiles bedspread in a boho bedroom

Incorporate rich patterns and textures into your boho bedroom with a global textiles bedspread. It’s an easy way to add depth and an eclectic touch, showcasing craftsmanship from around the world.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY yarn wall hanging in a boho bedroom

Create a cozy, handmade vibe with a DIY yarn wall hanging in pastel colors. It’s a fun project that adds a personal touch and soft texture to your boho bedroom. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce color in a subtle way.

Floral Dream Catcher

Floral dream catcher in a boho bedroom

A floral dream catcher combines delicate details and natural elements, bringing a sense of peace and dreaminess to your boho bedroom. It’s a beautiful symbol of protection and creativity, adorned with flowers and feathers.

Hanging Glass Terrariums

Floral dream catcher in a boho bedroom

Add a touch of green to your boho bedroom with hanging glass terrariums. They’re perfect for small spaces, bringing in natural light and a bit of the outdoors. Easy to maintain and can be hung at various heights for a dynamic look.

Woven Basket Wall Art

Woven basket wall art in a boho bedroom

Woven basket wall art introduces texture and a handmade aesthetic to your boho bedroom. Arrange them in a creative pattern on your wall for an eye-catching display. It’s a versatile and easy-to-adapt decor piece.

Feather Art Decor

Woven basket wall art in a boho bedroom

Soft tones and delicate details make feather art decor a dreamy addition to your boho bedroom. It’s all about bringing a light, airy feel to the space. Perfect for creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging in a minimalist boho bedroom

A macrame wall hanging brings texture and a sense of calm to any boho bedroom. Opt for neutral colors to keep the look minimalist and serene. It pairs beautifully with soft linens and simple decor.

Celestial Moon Phase Garland

Celestial moon phase garland in a boho bedroom

Incorporate a celestial theme with a moon phase garland. This simple yet enchanting decor piece adds a mystical touch, perfect for those who love to blend boho with a bit of magic. Easy to hang and pairs well with metallic accents.

Abstract Landscape Painting

Abstract landscape painting in a modern boho bedroom

Bring a modern twist to your boho bedroom with an abstract landscape painting in pastel colors. It’s a subtle way to add color and a dreamy atmosphere. This piece works well with both modern and vintage decors.

Vintage Botanical Prints

Vintage botanical prints in a boho chic bedroom

Vintage botanical prints in gold frames bring an elegant, boho chic to any bedroom. They’re perfect for adding a touch of nature and sophistication. Mix and match different plant prints for a gallery wall effect.

Bohemian Rhapsody Poster

Bohemian Rhapsody poster in a boho bedroom

For the music lovers, a Bohemian Rhapsody poster can add a personal touch to your boho bedroom. It celebrates iconic music while adding a pop of personality. Frame it for a more polished look.

Vintage mirror gallery wall in a boho bedroom

Create an eclectic mix in your boho bedroom with a vintage mirror gallery wall. This collection of various shapes and sizes not only adds visual interest but also brings more light and depth to the space.

Hand-Painted Ceramic Plates

Hand-painted ceramic plates in a boho bedroom

Transform your boho bedroom walls with unique hand-painted ceramic plates. Each plate offers a distinctive pattern and color, adding a personal and artisan touch to your decor. Easily mounted, they make for a striking gallery wall.

Geometric Wood Wall Art

Geometric wood wall art in a rustic boho bedroom

Add a touch of rustic charm with geometric wood wall art. This piece blends geometric precision with the natural beauty of wood, offering a unique focal point. Great for adding texture and a handcrafted feel to your space.

Tribal Pattern Tapestry

Tribal pattern tapestry in an eclectic boho bedroom

A tribal pattern tapestry adds an eclectic and colorful touch to your boho bedroom. It’s an instant focal point that brings energy and life to the room. Pair with simple furnishings to let the tapestry stand out.

Botanical Embroidery Hoops

Botanical embroidery hoops in a boho bedroom

Botanical embroidery hoops offer a charming and handmade art touch to your boho bedroom. Featuring delicate greenery and floral patterns, they bring a soft, natural element to your walls. Perfect for adding a bit of craft and color.

Desert Sunrise Canvas

Desert sunrise canvas art in a boho bedroom

Imagine waking up to the warmth of a desert sunrise right in your bedroom. This canvas combines warm tones and simple silhouettes to create a serene boho vibe. It’s an easy piece to match with earthy textiles and wooden accents.

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