25 Rad 1970s Boho Style Bedrooms To Consider

Ah, the 1970s—a golden era of bold boho style that’s making a fantastic comeback in bedroom decor! If you, like me, have a soft spot for those free-spirited, vibrant aesthetics, you’re in the perfect spot. I’ve gathered 25 stunning boho-style bedroom ideas that channel the lively spirit of the ’70s, complete with colorful textiles and eclectic furniture. So, whether you’re looking to revamp your sleeping space or just want to infuse some retro flair, these ideas will guide and inspire you to create a cozy, stylish haven that feels like a blast from the past.

Beam Ceiling Accents

Bedroom with exposed wooden beams and bohemian decor

Exposed wooden beams can add a rustic charm to your 1970s boho style bedroom. Complement these with dimmable LED lights to create a cozy ambiance. Lay down a few eclectic bohemian rugs for a touch of color and texture.

Oversized Tapestry

Bedroom with oversized tapestry and vintage armchair

Hang an oversized tapestry as a striking focal point in your boho bedroom. Choose one with vibrant colors and abstract patterns typical of the 1970s. A vintage armchair and soft ambient lighting can complete the cozy, artistic vibe.

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring in a modern boho bedroom

Step into the ’70s with a modern twist using terrazzo flooring, which adds a playful yet sophisticated touch to your boho bedroom. Pair it with simple mid-century modern furniture and minimalist decor to let the floor shine. Soft ambient lighting will bring out the flecks in the flooring beautifully.

Pop Art Influence

Bedroom with pop art prints and bright colors

Introduce pop art prints in bright colors for a playful and artistic expression reminiscent of the 1970s pop culture scene.

Sputnik Chandeliers

Bedroom with sputnik chandelier and mid-century furniture

Incorporate a Sputnik chandelier for a mid-century modern touch, perfectly complementing minimalist furniture and a 1970s aesthetic.

Psychedelic Patterns

Bedroom with psychedelic patterns and round mirror

Embrace bold psychedelic patterns on bedding or wall art, paired with simple floor cushions and a round mirror for a fun 1970s look.

Retro Velvet Chairs

Bedroom with a retro velvet chair and shag rug

Add a touch of luxury with a retro velvet chair and a soft shag rug under a chic pendant light. It’s a nod to the luxurious side of the 1970s.

Suede and Leather Layers

Bedroom with suede bedhead and leather rugs

Layer textures like suede bedheads and leather rugs with wooden accents for a rich, tactile 1970s bedroom environment.

Disco Glam Accents

Bedroom with disco ball and metallic wallpaper

Inject some disco-era glam with a disco ball, metallic wallpaper, and luxe fabrics to reflect the vibrant nightlife of the 1970s.

Patchwork Quilts

Bedroom with patchwork quilt and antique wood furniture

Highlight handmade aesthetics with colorful patchwork quilts and antique wood furniture for a warm, homey 1970s feel.

Floral Wallpaper

Bedroom with floral wallpaper and vintage furniture

Brighten up your bedroom walls with vibrant floral wallpaper paired with vintage furniture and hanging greenery for an authentic 1970s feel.

Chevron Patterns

Bedroom with chevron patterns and vibrant throws

Reimagine chevron patterns with a modern twist, using vibrant throws and rugs to inject energy and style into your 1970s bedroom.

Indoor Plant Haven

Bedroom with indoor plants and natural light

Transform your bedroom into an indoor plant haven with a variety of hanging baskets and pots in a room bathed in natural light.

Mood Lighting

Bedroom with mood lighting and soft drapes

Set the right mood with soft lighting options like lava lamps paired with soft drapes for an intimate 1970s ambiance.

Geometric Simplicity

Bedroom with geometric patterns and minimalist design

Focus on geometric simplicity with clear lines and muted colors for a minimalist yet distinctly 1970s boho look.

Shag Pile Carpets

Bedroom with shag pile carpet and retro posters

Reintroduce the iconic shag pile carpet, complemented by retro posters and plush throws for a cozy 1970s feel.

Bold Color Pops

Bedroom with bold colors and modern art

Introduce bold pops of color through an accent wall or vibrant modern art to enliven your 1970s boho bedroom.

Art Deco Revival

Bedroom with art deco elements and geometric shapes

Blend Art Deco elements like bold geometric shapes with luxe materials to create a sophisticated and timeless 1970s bedroom design.

Wicker Furniture

Bedroom with wicker furniture and indoor palms

Opt for wicker furniture with light linens and indoor palms to introduce a natural, airy feel reminiscent of the 1970s bohemian trend.

Vintage Mirrors

Bedroom with vintage mirrors and ornate frames

Use vintage mirrors with ornate frames against soft pastel walls to reflect a sophisticated antique 1970s vibe.

Sunken Beds

Bedroom with a sunken bed and plush cushions

Embrace the unique 1970s trend of sunken beds surrounded by plush cushions and low lighting for an ultra-cozy sleeping area.

DIY Macramé Details

Bedroom with DIY macrame details and a cozy nook

Add personal touches with DIY macramé details from wall hangings to bed canopies, creating a cozy and crafty 1970s space.

Peacock Chairs

Bedroom with peacock chairs and sheer drapes

Elevate your bedroom’s elegance with iconic peacock chairs, complemented by sheer drapes and soft lighting for a chic 1970s look.

Hanging Macramé

Bedroom with hanging macrame and minimalist decor

Integrate hanging macramé art with earthy tones and minimalist décor for a serene and artistic 1970s boho flair.

Earthy Color Schemes

Bedroom with earthy tones and macrame wall decor

Incorporate rich earth tones like browns and greens in your bedroom with macramé wall hangings and woven baskets for a true 1970s boho vibe. It’s simple to achieve and instantly warming.

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